Vidya Balan’s transformation turns heads on the red carpet

Actress Vidya Balan has always been nonchalant when she has been asked questions about oppressive beauty standards that actors often face in the industry.

However, fans were stunned by her latest appearance at the special screening of Kartik Aaryan’s latest release, Chandu Champion.

Her dress fit her in all the right places and the media started speculating that the actress had lost much weight. Additionally, Vidya is also preparing herself for the 3rd instalment of Bhool Bhulaiyya which will release on Diwali.

Internet starts discussion on Vidya’s new look

As soon as the actress’ photos went viral, fans took to the platform X, formerly Twitter and started commenting on her look and eventual weight loss.

Rather than appreciating her for her body, fans negatively speculated that probably the actress has gone once again on one big weight loss journey which is the reason for her transformation.

Additionally, fans are now commenting that her weight loss journey may not even be authentic at all and it’s all just a show for the audiences.

One of the fans writes,

Sare bol re patli hogi… Aaj kal medical treatment se boht kuch ho jata hai… sab paise ka khel hai… Ye log kuch hi dino may slim ho jate hai or hum jo bhi karle salo sal motte se motte hi hote ja re hai..

Another user commented,

Are ye patli hogyi. Without workout wahhh.

Yet another user wrote,

She’s probably had a gastric band surgery.

Some fans are appreciative of Vidya’s new appearance

Apart from the bad-mouthing over the actress’ weight, there are some positive comments regarding her weight loss from other fans. They also opine that Vidya is so comfortable in her skin and doesn’t care about others’ opinions.

One comment reads,

She is looking so slim… later she used to defend that she won’t lose and look at her now.

One supportive comment reads,

Look at you Vidya! You look so beautiful! What prevented you from losing weight?

There are a series of positive comments on Vidya’s weight and fans are gushing over her new look. Some comments even read that the actress is looking younger and fitter in her new look.

Some of the positive comments for her new look are,

What did she do she looks very young.

Vidya was part of the 1st instalment of Bhool Bhulaiyya and will be playing a special role in the 3rd part of the film.

Vidya has often been the target of body image issues

When filming for her 2011 movie, The Dirty Picture, Vidya had to undergo a significant amount of weight gain so that she fit the role of the late Silk Smitha. But, she’s been battling with body image issues even before 2011.

So much so that it has begrudged the actress many times and she has denied talking about the issue altogether in the media or interviews.

Four years back, she gave an interview where she opened up about how she has always been termed the ‘fat girl’ and one of her films didn’t work out for just this very reason.

She also said that she tried a lot of methods to lose weight such as drinking 10 litres of water and working out multiple times a day. But, she still couldn’t stop the cycle of rejection of her body and blamed it when her film didn’t work out because of her body.

But she says that now that phase of hers is over and she has started accepting and loving her body more. She undertook this journey of self-love back in 2019 and has continued appreciating her body in every way.

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