Pankaj Tripathi gets backlash from Pankaj Jha on glamorising ‘struggle’

Prominent celebrity in various web series, films, and TV shows, Pankaj Jha has criticised Bollywood actor, Pankaj Tripathi for glamorising ‘struggle’.

Jha’s career spans over two decades and he has worked on multiple platforms and is currently playing MLA Chandra Kishore Vidhayak in the much-acclaimed series, Panchayat.

In reality, Jha was chosen to portray the character of Sultan in Gangs of Wasseypur but somehow the role went to Tripathi.

Jha’s jibe at Tripathi for showing off his sad story

Says Jha on the word ‘struggle’,

I don’t like the word ‘struggle’. If you’ve chosen to follow your passion, you should enjoy it, shouldn’t you? And as we’ve seen often in the industry, people like to glamourise their struggles. Some people say they sold potatoes, others say they lived in a tiny house, some say they stole another actor’s slippers. I feel every situation is a learning experience.

Jha particularly used the ‘slipper’ comment to hit back at Tripathi who once picked up Manoj Bajpayee’s slippers.

Jha confirms that he was the first choice for Gangs of Wasseypur

Moreover, Jha believes that actors with inflated egos demand constant respect from those around them.

But, when they don’t get their due share of respect, they create havoc for other actors by taking their roles.

Furthermore, they also spread lies and rumours about these actors to their friends so that they don’t select you.

These people have complexes, they have huge egos. They get so upset that they refuse to work with you again, and they tell their friends to not work with you either. It’s happened to me.

When asked to cite an example regarding the matter, Jha explained,

I was going to do Wasseypur, and I got a call from MC (Mukesh Chhabra). I was in Patna, so I returned after a couple of days. By then, he’d got someone else to do the character I was supposed to play… It was the role of Sultan (from Gangs of Wasseypur). I asked him why…After that, I didn’t get a call from that production house.

Something about the Gangs of Wasseypur franchise

Meanwhile, Gangs of Wasseypur is touted as Tripathi’s best role in Bollywood. Although the lead stars were Manoj Bajpayee and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tripathi stole the limelight for his negative portrayal.

There were several top-rated actors in the film series who all portrayed very different but critical roles in the film and received praise for their performances.

Some of these actors were Huma Qureshi, Richa Chaddha, Tigmanshu Dhulia and others who played their parts to perfection.

Tripathi’s Mirzapur is also a huge success.

Tripathi’s next big projects are Amar Kaushik’s Stree 2 and Anurag Basu’s Metro In Dino.

Furthermore, Tripathi has played a variety of roles in his years in the film industry and he almost always gets good recognition for each one of them.

He recently portrayed the former Late Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the film titled, ‘Main Atal Hoon’. He managed to get it almost right.

However, he has stated that no one can ever truly portray Shri Vajpayeeji on the big screen.

Furthermore, his role as Pandit in the Fukrey is probably the most well-liked even today.

But, what Jha says raises questions about the struggles that every actor goes through while dreaming of making it big in the film industry. Maybe half of them be true while a majority could be false.

However, Tripathi is a talented actor who selects his films very keenly and delivers hit after hit at the box office. He plays his characters skillfully which has impressed audiences.

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