Nora Fatehi: “Industry people are spreading lies about me!”

Bollywood actress, Nora Fatehi has recently spoken up about the harsh treatment she has received in the industry recently.

While she’s an acclaimed dancer known for her mesmerizing moves, Nora now wants to become a full-time actor in Bollywood. She feels that she must push her boundaries even further.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Nora opened up about her experiences and journey in Bollywood and the various ups and downs she has faced.

Nora believes in herself fully

Nora is super proud of the fact that she has made it big in Bollywood and that too all on her terms. While talking about this achievement, she says,

I never needed a godfather here. I have always believed in myself. When I pitch myself to the makers, I tell them, ‘This is why you need to take me. This is what I bring to the table. This is what I can offer as an actor.’ If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect someone else to believe in you?

Nora states that people have become more open-minded towards her

Furthermore, Nora states that over the years, people have changed their perception towards her and have accepted her in the industry with an open mind. Her latest film, Madgaon Express is getting huge success on OTT and did decent business in theatres as well. That’s why Nora feels that she’s finally getting good acknowledgement as a Bollywood actor.

It has taken time to reach here, but that’s fine. The reason why it’s taken this much time is because it wasn’t my time. This is my time. The journey has been long, but at least I am here. Now, people are more open-minded towards me and my existence in the industry. Filmmakers will also think about me for more roles with substance.

She admits that she still auditions for roles even after 10 years

Additionally, in the interview, Nora admitted to the fact that she still auditions for roles despite her existence in the industry for a decade. She found fame in 2018 when she performed a redux of the famous song, Dilbar from the 1999 film, Sirf Tum. Before this, she has also been a part of various reality shows as well.

Because of her performances, she was dubbed as a dancer in Bollywood, which she feels is quite stereotyped. While talking about stereotypes, Nora says,

When someone becomes popular for something, they are typecast. It’s our responsibility to put our energy and best foot forward to try and break those stereotypes. Even when it comes to auditions, I don’t hesistate to do them even today. I auditioned for Be Happy. Even though I am a known name, I have auditioned for all the films that I’m doing, and I will probably need to continue doing it.

Nora feels that some people undermine her talent and that’s very disappointing to see and hear

Although Nora has been on the Bollywood scene for 10 years, she still feels that people are undermining her talent.

Some people have gone even to the limits of putting her name in controversies of which she’s not even a part because she wants to prove her talent even more in Bollywood.

Regarding her ups and downs and her controversies, she says,

I give a very nonchalant approach because most of the time I am. I came into this world, I came into this industry, thankfully, very thick-skinned. I didn’t come from a very soft, luxurious background. I came from a very rough background before coming to India. I was already on my hustle, already on my grind. So, things were rough as it is. I built a thick skin already. However, with the things you’re discussing- it is not even trolling, trolls are fine. Comments, I get it. The air is free so people can talk for free. Anyone can say whatever they want, but it’s the certain people (influential) who tweet certain things. That’s a little disappointing. However, I’m so focused that I don’t let these things shake me up.

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