“Horrible”: Purab Kohli’s experience with smoking after quitting

Before the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, actor Purab Kohli shared his experience with smoking in a recent interview.

Kohli shares that he started smoking at a very young age, particularly in his teens when he was just 15 or 16 years old. He says,

I was around 15-16 years old. We always know that smoking is bad and we had already heard some terrible stories so we knew we were doing something that was not good. Smoking looked attractive at that time, as this macho thing. But, I started it just to feel cool.

However, when the actor was in his late 20s, he suddenly got the thought to quit smoking and relieve himself of the bad habit. He shares,

It had already been 10 years since I was smoking, I thought that I wanted to quit. I could see that when I was stressed with work, I would do it even more. I reached a point where I wanted to try and give it up to see if I could really do it. I said to myself, I have smoked for 10-12 years, can I not smoke for one year? I even marked the date. I kept myself motivated through that as well. And I am quite committed, when I make a decision, I stick to it.

Purab delves deeper into his struggles and ultimate freedom from smoking

Adding further, Kohli says that he woke up determined to quit smoking and purchased a single cigarette but didn’t light it. He kept taking imaginary puffs with the unlighted cigarette and slowly the feeling of wanting to smoke vanished entirely from his life.

I just woke up one morning and said that I have to stop. I did stop smoking, but it was very hard. I bought one cigarette and I used to keep that in my handand never light it. I used to hold it in my hand and puff away on it without lighting it and slowly the feeling of wanting it went away. Even the shops that I used to buy it from, whenever I crossed them, I used to feel like smoking. I started realising how strong of an addiction I had to tobacco.

He also revealed that when he tried to smoke after one year, he felt quite disgusted and horrible.

I gave myself one year and I hated it. When you don’t smoke for a long while, you realise how disgusting it tastes. It felt horrible.

Purab is a very determined actor, and this trait also shines through in his movies. He was last seen in Blind, a Jiocinema film, starring opposite Sonam Kapoor.

After becoming smoke-free, Purab stated that his body went into a withdrawal phase and his physical symptoms felt funny to him. He used to feel indigested and couldn’t enjoy his food properly.

There was a physical impact also happening, like my tummy was being all funny and I used to eat and get indigestion. It was physically hard for my body, not a cakewalk at that time.

Moreover, the actor reveals that there was one film project for which he had to smoke. So, he was back to smoking in his thirties and he felt horrible as he was living a smoke-free life.

I didn’t smoke for 3-4 years after that but there was a role for which I had to smoke and then I started smoking for a short period again in my early thirties. I already knew I had stopped once and how much difference it makes while working out.

Purab urges his fans and followers to quit smoking as it is seriously not good for their health

Finally, Purab urged all his fans and followers to give up smoking for good as he did the second time. He also emphasized the fact that he understood the goodness of not smoking when he left it completely the second time.

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