Fans debate Kiara Advani’s image after flight attendant’s ‘Attitude’ claim

Actress Kiara Advani is currently finding herself in a soup because of a flight attendant’s recent claim that she has a lot of ‘attitude’.

Recently, she also completed 10 glorious years in Bollywood for which she thanked her fans wholeheartedly and even broke down in tears.

Starting her career in 2014 with the film ‘Fugly’, Kiara has come a long way and done several critically-acclaimed films in her career.

Even her recent films like Satyaprem Ki Katha and Bhool Bhulaiyya 2 have given relatable characters to her audiences and she always manages to find a place in everyone’s hearts.

While portraying sweet characters for the silver screen, in real life Kiara shows a lot of attitude.

It’s shocking for all her fans to witness such negative comments about their favourite actress.

What the flight attendant has to say regarding Kiara

While giving an interview, the flight attendant recalled that the actor acted rudely with her colleagues.

She was informed of the same by her colleagues offering Kiara some almonds and cashews to eat as a snack.

However, she gave a curt reply and asked them to give the same to her assistant.

Says Kishore regarding Kiara,

I didn’t even talk to her.

After the altercation, she recalls,

She didn’t even talk to them, and I was like, ‘thank god, I didn’t go there.’

The flight attendant gave this interview to a YouTube channel named SARA With Bhaichara.

With the clip now viral on social media, fans are getting to know the dark side of their lovable actress.

One comment reads,

Kiara is overhyped. I never liked her acting, nor I like her as an actress. Siddharth deserved better.

Writes another user,

I never liked Kiara she’s full of herself specially after her marriage she’s also overhyped for both her looks and as an actress she keeps doing the same roles nothing new.

The same flight attendant recalls a hilarious moment with Ananya Panday

Further in the interview, the flight attendant also brought forth another celebrity incident and this time it was Ananya Panday.

The actress wished to go to the restroom just before the landing of the flight when the crew members were making sure that all the other passengers were seated in their respective seats.

Said the actress on the flight,

I really want to go to the washroom! I cannot handle it.

At this, the crew members laughed amongst themselves and allowed the actor to use the washroom but hurry back.

Recalls Shilpa,

We were stopping other passengers, but how could we stop her? We just asked her to go and return as soon as possible.

The flight attendant found this bizarre incident rather funny and said that such incidents keep happening on flights.

So, what happened actually in these scenarios? Only the actors in question would be able to give you the correct answers to these incidents.

Meanwhile, many cabin crews come face-to-face with such encounters and enjoy telling these tales to gossip columns and celebrity pages.

The air hostess in question is Shilpa Kishore of Etihad Airways and she also has an anecdote of Janhvi Kapoor to share with others.

Kishore’s story of Janhvi Kapoor

Shilpa recalls that during one flight, Kapoor was having a much-needed rest when the crew woke her up to attend to an emergency briefing. Surprisingly, she didn’t get annoyed but instead listened attentively to the briefing.

Says Shilpa for Janhvi,

She (Janhvi) was a sweetheart.

The actress’ latest release is Mr. & Mrs. Mahi where she plays Rajkummar Rao’s wife.

Additionally, she also got herself clicked with the crew and Kishore says that the actress was very sweet towards the crew members.

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