Ageless Beauty: Karisma Kapoor slays magazine cover for upcoming 50th

Bollywood’s ‘Lolo’ aka Karisma Kapoor will soon celebrate her 50th birthday. Before the celebrations begin, she has gracefully graced the cover of Grazia magazine and undoubtedly has stunned her fans even at 49.

This recent photoshoot is enough evidence that Kapoor still rules the roost when it comes to fashion and beauty and no one in today’s generation can even reach her heights in the industry.

Additionally, in the June edition, she has chosen to wear a rather different fashion ensemble.

The cover look

On the cover of Grazia, Karisma can be seen wearing a pastel blue top along with a beige trench coat and the same pleated pants. Moreover, her hair has been done up in an easy breezy vibe and she has been given minimal makeup with red lips and lots of blush with the eyes remaining bare.

Other pictures from the photoshoot also reveal her in different types of outfits such as a blue tank top, a blue co-ord shirt and shorts set, and shiny leather loafers, and the overall picture exudes a relaxed aesthetic.

This new look expressed by Karisma has her fans drooling over her and gushing over her effortless looks. Writes fashion designer-actor, Masaba Gupta regarding Karisma’s looks,

She’s the chichest.

Meanwhile, a fan called her timeless beauty. On June 25th, the actress will turn 50 and fans just can’t seem to get enough of her.

Says one fan,

Holy cow, this lady doesn’t seem to age at all. I had a crush on her from Dil Toh Pagal Hai and I still have a crush on her to this day.

One comment from another fan said that Karisma is one of the finest actresses in Bollywood.

Karisma gives an interview to the magazine regarding her upcoming projects

Furthermore, the actress also gave an interview to Grazia and talked about what gives her inspiration and what are her upcoming projects in Bollywood. Says the actress,

I think today it’s fun that I get to do a job where I can dress for myself- whether it’s events or endorsements- I can be myself. Yes, we’re working but I can portray myself the way I am and how I want to be. And maybe that can be inspirational to others as well. One compliment I really take well is that a lot of people like my fashion sense and it’s not just for the movies I did. I’m just being myself. I dress for myself. I don’t follow trends and brands and things.

Meanwhile, Karisma’s last appearance was in the Netflix movie, Murder Mubaarak which is a murder mystery. However, the film did not do well on the platform. She will next be seen in the movie Brown, which has already premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.

Karisma’s 1991 Prem Qaidi co-star reminisces about her bravery in saving his life

Kapoor made her debut in the early 1990s when she starred in Prem Qaidi opposite Harish Kumar in 1991.

Recently, the actor revealed how Karisma saved his life when he was drowning in a swimming pool.

He revealed that when they were shooting the pool scene, it was the complete opposite of the reality. In the scene, he saves the actress’ life but in real life, it was Karisma who saved him as he didn’t know swimming.

She jumps into the pool and I save her in the scene. But in reality, she is the one who saved me because I did not know swimming.

Adding further, the actor says,

I was about to drown, in fact I was drowning, but people on set thought I was playing a prank, so no one helped me except Karisma. She held me and I held onto her clothes. So all this used to happen in nineties Bollywood.

The film was directed by K Murali Mohana Rao and also starred Dalip Tahil, Paresh Rawal, Asrani, Shafi Inamdar and Bharat Bhushan.

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